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zucchini flowers omelet

zucchiniflowersZucchini flowers freshly picked this morning along with some herbs and greens like basil, parsley, arugula, swiss chard, amaranth and a few leaves here and there of edible weeds.



Fast, simple and extremely delicious omelet. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


10 zucchini flowers (chopped)

4 eggs

1/2 onion (chopped)

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

1/2 cup chopped greens

1/2 cup chopped herbs (parsley, basil) (save some for garnish)

salt and pepper to taste

Lightly beat eggs and all ingredients together (except the onion and garlic) and set aside.

Coat a skillet with olive oil and saute onion and garlic for a few minutes until soft.

Add egg mixture and let cook for a few minutes until almost set.

Place in a hot oven on broil for a few minutes until top is fully set and lightly browned.

Serve with some chopped herbs and a sprinkle of cheese.

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This morning, I picked a little bit of everything in the garden for a fresh and simple breakfast. Parsley, basil, zucchini and the flowers, swiss chard, arugula, spinach, tomatoes, onion, garlic and carrots. A light stir fry and then I cooked the eggs in the same pan with all the juices from the veggies. Yummm!!




gardenfresh3Cut all the veggies into desired size and shape and lightly stir fry until wilted.

Chop all the herbs and add to stir fry.

Place veggies on a serving dish and cook eggs until done.

Combine veggies and eggs. Toast a few slices of your favorite bread and prepare some delicious coffee or some green tea.

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I picked a few carrots from my garden this morning and was planning to add them to a stir fry, however, they looked so perfect and delicious I decided to use them in a salad. With minimal cooking the carrots retained not only their color but the crispness as well.

The markets are brimming with local and freshly picked produce this month, so take advantage and stock up on your favorites and preserve, dry or freeze what you don’t use right away.



If the carrots are organic, don’t discard the carrot tops. Blanch them for a few minutes and use them like spinach, in a salad, in soups and best of all add them to your pesto.


olive oil

balsamic vinegar

salt to taste

chopped garlic, basil and parsley

blanch carrots briefly for one minute so they retain their color and crispness

cut into your favorite shapes

add olive oil, balsamic vinegar

chopped basil and parsley

salt to taste and chopped garlic

mix well 


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watermelon rind salad


One of the best treats of summer is watermelon. It not only quenches your thirst but is also loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients. But most of us never think of using the rind (the white part between the the green peel and the red inner fruit) which also has nutritional value. The rind can be included in most salads or on its own.   You can sauté it with other fruits and vegetables or add it to your morning smoothie. The possibilities of this neglected and most times discarded fruit are endless!


To prepare the rind, remove the tough outer green skin, and cut away the red flesh. So you’re left with the white portion of the melon. A little colored flesh is perfectly fine, there is no need to remove all the red melon from the white. The red part left on makes the salad look great!

Once you have all your white portions, cut them into thin strips.

Season with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, finely chopped parsley, finely chopped basil and a little sprinkle of salt.

For more recipes check on line, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the many ways you can use the rind.

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Carrots are one plant that I never planted in my garden. This year I changed all that and planted my first ones. They are now my favorite plants. Super easy to plant and care for.  With all the different varieties that are available, you will have to prepare a nice size spot for them in your garden. Then there is the rainbow of colors to choose from! You’re in for a real treat if you’ve never planted carrots before. From planting, harvesting, preparing and eating, this is an amazing veggie to include in your garden every year.

The taste of freshly picked carrots is  exceptional and the carrot tops are equally delicious. This morning I thinned out the seedlings and pulled out some beautiful mini carrots. I decided to sauté them and their tops with a few garlic scapes left over from a few days ago when I made pesto.



Start to sauté an onion, add the scapes, mini carrots and their tops. Cook a few minutes until tender, add your favorite herbs, salt and pepper to taste and serve with your favorite style eggs for breakfast or a side dish for dinner. Simple and delicious!

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