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IMG_3363This time of year is when I allow myself to do some frying.  When I go in the garden in the morning and see these beautiful opened flowers begging to be picked, I know that it will be a frying day.

If you don’t have a garden, you can find the flowers at farmer’s markets all over town. For best results, plan to cook them the same day. The flowers are very delicate and dry up rather quickly. Last year I posted a recipe for zucchini flowers, and fried zucchini flowers, so from these you have a pretty good idea how to prepare them. I won’t repost the recipe, but I will post some pictures of the fried zucchinis. Enjoy!




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IMG_3233This is the link to last year’s recipe for breaded zucchini flowers. Last year I made the mistake of planting too many zucchini plants too close together.   However, the bonus was hundreds of zucchini flowers. This year I planted the right number for the size of the garden, so I have less flowers.   As for the zucchini, I will probably end up with the same, because they have more room to grow.




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