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connie’s frittata

connie's frittata

connie’s frittata

My friend, Dora,  posted this beautiful omelet made by her friend Connie, on Facebook. I asked her for the recipe and permission to post it here in my blog. The zucchini flowers on the top make it look amazing. Thank you, Connie, for sharing. Now I have one more way of using the zucchini flowers from my garden!


non-stick frying pan
salt & pepper to taste
grated cheese
garlic & onion powder
zucchini flowers for top

  • Heat a little olive oil and butter in the non-stick pan
  • Beat eggs with salt, pepper, grated cheese, garlic and onion powder
    and a little milk
  • Add mixture to pan
  • Cook until eggs begin to set
  • Place flowers decoratively on top
  • Check bottom of frittata, when browned, slide onto plate and flip back to
    pan to cook other side

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frittata di cicoria

dandelion omelet





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baby carrot greens omelet

IMG_3375I thinned out the carrot patch at Herbivor Farm and kept the tender green tops for later use. 

The flavor of carrot greens is a little bitter, but with a hint of sweetness and carrot essence. Not only are they tasty, they’re also good for you. They are  packed with potassium, vitamin K, and cancer-fighting chlorophyll.

Add the greens to your stock, pesto, soups and salads.  Here I added a handful of chopped baby carrot greens to my favorite omelet.

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mini peppers omelet


From Wilson Produce

Mellow, juicy, sultry, crunchy—all words to describe these little sweet peppers that we love. Our unique red, yellow and orange sweet mini peppers are bursting with flavor and nutrition. They’re naturally fat free, high in vitamin C and a great source of fiber which makes them a great addition for salads, grilling, stuffed and of course just right out of the bag for snacking.

Using only the best sweet mini pepper seed on the market today, we grow these both in greenhouses and in the fields. Rich green leafed plants grow up to 6 feet tall.  Our peppers are grown throughout the year on our farms in Sinaloa, North and South Sonora, and Baja California. It takes Wilson Produce sweet mini pepper plant 75 days to grow from a seed to a flowering plant, and 50 days from flower to vine-ripened pepper. Each plant produces 150-250 peppers that are carefully handpicked when it is just ripe and then hand packed with special care to ensuring the right mix of colors for every package.



Not only are these mini peppers colorful, nutrititous and low in calories, they are crunchy, flavorful and can be used in hundreds of recipes. For the best looking salads cut these minis in strips and toss them right in. You can use the strips for dipping or cut wider strips to serve as a base for hors d’oeuvres.  Today I decided to use the mini peppers instead of regular peppers in a stir fry, which I then added to an omelet. The result was a sweeter and more colorful omelet.



olive oil

onions (chopped)

garlic (chopped)

mini peppers (cut in strips)

parsley, basil, oregano (chopped)

salt & pepper to taste


toss onions and garlic in hot oil and cook until translucent

add peppers and cook until still crunchy

add seasonings

toss a few times and add to egg mixture



 ingredients for egg mixture

4 eggs

1/2 parmesan cheese

1/4 cup milk

2 slices of bread (cut in small pieces)

chopped parsley & basil

salt & pepper to taste



beat the eggs until  well blended 

add all other ingredients and mix well

add to stir fry

Cook on stove for a few minutes

finish cooking omelet in the oven until done



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bread omelet casserole








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